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Relaxation and Visualisation for Cancer Patients

8 week course on Thursdays

Starting 28th May 2009


During the workshop you will learn:

*   How stress affects the nervous and immune  systems

*  How mind and body interconnect and how this connection can
be used to promote wellbeing

*     Relaxation and breathing techniques

*   Visualisation techniques to boost your immune system

*   Effective ways  to decrease tension and stress

*  How to let go of negative thoughts, beliefs and emotions

*  Goal setting for a positive future

*  About self-healing with the use of a personal healing symbol

*  How these techniques can be put into practice in your
    everyday life

    And More…….

£99 for 8 week course

The course takes place at :
St Luke's Church
12 Kidderpore Avenue
London NW3 7SU

Caring, professional Hypnotherapy & NLP sessions are available with
Marilyn Harvey on the numbers below:

Mobile: 07903 374 113
Tel: 020 8357 0981

Email: mharvey@londonhypnotherapy.net

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